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7655Usage: patterns, preferences and models

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  • paritoshc1
    Jul 23, 2013
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      Hello Everyone,

      I need to map and correlate usage with some other variables and parameters. For this

      1. Will usage necessarily be system specific? I mean, is there a generic tool or instrument that can be used to capture product usage? or will the instrument used to capture, say, mobile phone usage be different from one used to capture infotainment system usage?
      I feel a generic instrument should be there, but could use some guidance here.

      Assuming a generic instrument is there (and is the right way to go),
      2. Just like SUS (System Usability Scale) is a non system-specific instrument that provides an idea of the usability of a system, is there an instrument (or model) that would provide a view of usage / usage patterns / usage preferences of people.


       System Oriented

       Has comparative relevance


        User / Usage Oriented

       Has comparative relevance

      By comparative relevance i mean that its results are meaningful when compared with that of others. Like SUS is (more) meaningful when comparing systems, and not when we just look at the score of one system in isolation

      3. Any thoughts on what exactly should we capture when we are formally trying to map usage? Are usage patterns more appropriate or usage preferences, if the objective is to get actionable input relevant to (UX) design. I don't want to use scenarios as i feel i will not be able to correlate it to other parameters.

      Thanks in advance,
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