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7621Agile Brazil 2013

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  • Tiago Silva da Silva
    Apr 4, 2013

      What are the challenges you are currently facing in the use of Agile and Lean approach in your company or project? The South American agility event as big as Brazil wants to hear your experiences, successes and failures!

      Submit your proposal for a lecture or activity for Agile Brazil 2013 and collaborate with the quality of Agile biggest event in the country!

      This year we have a Design track. This track brings together sessions related to agile methods and practices aimed at the design of user experience of a product. They are sessions on Agile UX, design, information architecture, HCD, design thinking and all challenges involving the integrated, iterative and incremental work of developers, designers and information architects.


      Best regards,

      Tiago Silva da Silva, PhD.
      Bioinspired Computation Lab (BioCom)
      Department of Computer Science
      University of São Paulo at São Carlos (ICMC-USP)
      SBC: 17724