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7602RE: [agile-usability] Re: Origins of user stories

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  • William Hudson
    Mar 26 5:09 AM
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      Adrian -

      I only just found your reply to my note to CHI-WEB (my email filter stuck it
      somewhere I wasn't expecting). So sorry for ignoring you earlier<g>.

      I don't mind that different people do different things and still call them
      user stories. The basic idea is that you put a story of use on a small card.
      I'm thinking now that it might have come from Scrum (see my reply to Larry
      Constantine - you also hinted at this in your earlier note). Their
      development into the current 'As a <role>...' format is interesting and of
      course, part of the picture.

      Just to fill people in on the motive - if you are going to write on a topic,
      you start with what we already know and the background leading up to it.
      When I did this for the card sorting article I wrote for the Interaction
      Design Encyclopedia
      (http://www.interaction-design.org/encyclopedia/card_sorting.html), I found
      references to card sorting (in psychology) as far back as 1886. The term
      'user story' is not that uncommon, but coupled with writing them on small
      cards in a software development process it becomes more specific.

      So I may have it back to Jeff Sutherland in 1993 now. Interestingly, in the
      ACM Digital Library there is almost no mention prior to 1999.



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      On 26 March 2013 10:54, william.syntagm <william.hudson@...>
      > PS - Comments in the XP group about Jack Carrol's scenario-based design
      (and other HCI/UCD thinking) are not really relevant. I'm trying to find out
      where 'user story' comes from in the way we currently use it. If it did
      suddenly materialize in 1996, that's fine, but I'd like to be sure.

      Which brings me back to my question when you asked this on the CHI list ;-)

      What exactly do you mean by "user story". The C3 teams stories are fairly
      different from the way many folk structure user stories now...
      and IIRC they were called "Customer Stories" at that point.

      Scrum teams were sticking things on cards on walls before 96. Do they count
      as user stories?

      Hell - I was putting sh*t that need doing on cards in the 80's - which I
      copied from my Dad the engineer when I was a kid. Do they count as user

      Which user story are you after?


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