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7600Re: Origins of user stories

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  • william.syntagm
    Mar 26, 2013
      Dave -

      Like I said, I've got the source back to 1996 but I don't think I would be very effective as a researcher if I didn't question whether the term and concept just suddenly materialized at that date.

      I have emailed Kent, but so far no joy. If you're in a position to encourage him to reply please do so!



      PS - Comments in the XP group about Jack Carrol's scenario-based design (and other HCI/UCD thinking) are not really relevant. I'm trying to find out where 'user story' comes from in the way we currently use it. If it did suddenly materialize in 1996, that's fine, but I'd like to be sure.

      --- In agile-usability@yahoogroups.com, Dave Rooney <daverooneyca@...> wrote:
      > Hi William,
      > I'm curious... you received responses on the XP group from people who
      > were around when the term was coined and others who have been in the XP
      > 'world' for well over a decade. Were those responses not good enough?
      > Have you considered contacting Kent directly to ask him?
      > Dave Rooney
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