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7598Re: [agile-usability] Origins of user stories

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  • Dave Rooney
    Mar 26, 2013
      Hi William,

      I'm curious... you received responses on the XP group from people who were around when the term was coined and others who have been in the XP 'world' for well over a decade.  Were       those responses not good enough?

      Have you considered contacting Kent directly to ask him?

      Dave Rooney

      On 13-03-26 5:56 AM, william.syntagm wrote:

      I've been working in Agile UCD for some years, but only just thought to see if there was a Yahoo group on the subject (and there is!).

      At the moment, I'm trying to research the origins of 'user stories' as we know and love them in Agile<g>. So far I've got the source back to 1996:

      "I was on the first XP project, starting in 1996. We had "user stories" from the very beginning. AFAIK, Kent invented the term." -- Ron Jeffries (referring to Kent Beck)

      Does anyone know of references to the term prior to this? I've already done quite a bit of research so I'm not looking for Google search results (unless there's a really relevant one I've missed).

      BTW - minor plug - we have a couple of Agile UCD courses at CHI 2013 in Paris this April. One from me and one from Karen Holtzblatt & Hugh Beyers. See http://chi2013.acm.org/attending/courses/ (they are very inexpensive for anyone attending the conference)


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