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7565[ANN] Enhancing & Extending Scrum with Lean Webinar Dec 12

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  • Alan Shalloway
    Nov 26, 2012

      If you’ve been hearing the stories of teams going to Kanban and Lean and both want to learn more but don’t want to abandon Scrum this webinar is for you.  This webinar will discuss how you can take the methods behind Kanban’s and Lean’s success and apply it to your Scrum methods.  It’ll also provide insights into how to set the stage for scaling Scrum.

      Learning Objectives:

      • How explicit policies accelerate learning
      • How delays create additional work
      • How managing work in progress can lower delays
      • Why a positive relationship with management matters
      • How product management can lower the amount of dependency management required between teams
      • Why you can’t change culture but must change how things are managed
      • How to set work in progress limits across teams

      See http://www.netobjectives.com/events/value-stream-series-extend-scrum-lean-webinar-2012-12 for a full description.

      Alan Shalloway
      CEO, Net Objectives