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  • Jon Innes
    Feb 8, 2012
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      Just to clarify, I realized my last email might be misinterpreted...

      Another way to use the UXI Matrix for comparing two products/sites or design variations (or even two sprints) is to make a copy of the UXI Matrix as a second sheet, then make a third sheet summarizing the differences. 

      Doing comparisons is easy that way, either between two design variations you're testing using multivariate techniques or two products you're comparing that support a shared set of stories. 

      I'd be curious if anyone can do this in an agile tracking tool like Jira, and how well that works...

      PS congrats for getting embedded in the procurement process, you're now one of the rare companies that measures UX in IT!

      On Feb 8, 2012, at 3:09 PM, Jon Innes wrote:

      You're welcome Helen,

      As for UX evaluations for vendor apps, part of my inspiration from this comes from being a part of the CIF project. 

      If you start using the standard method CIF proposes for vendor evaluation, you'll have some of the key metrics shown by story in the UXI Matrix. 

      Just modify the UXI Matrix to add columns for task completion rates for multiple products. 

      You can do the same for traditional A/B testing metrics like conversion rates and time on site.

      Good luck with it and please let me know if you have any ideas for improving it.


      On Feb 8, 2012, at 8:43 AM, Helen wrote:


      Jon, I am really interested in your UXI Matrix and appreciate the
      Excel template.

      I have been working on getting UX into Agile where I work, and I like
      the suggestion of at least displaying the matrix in the Agile meeting
      room to at least generate discussion as to what a UX process really

      I do have to agree with Peter on his statement where he disagrees with
      the premise that UX matters more for consumer products....it should be
      matter for everyone and everything :-) It definitely is a harder
      sell in an environment where you are dealing with enterprise
      applications and when you are procuring vendor applications. I have
      been advocating for UX evaluation when it comes to RFP vendor
      evaluation of enterprise applications and we are now embedded in our
      procurement process.

      Thanks again Jon.


      On 2/7/12, Peter Gfader <peter@...> wrote:
      > Hi Jon
      > Interesting idea.
      >>>UX matters more for consumer products
      > I dont agree. UX matters for everone and everything. It is just harder to
      > sell in software enterprises.
      > 2 selling points might be:
      > #1 Money savings in customer support (Less phone calls, less support staff).
      > #2 Customer satisfaction (harder to measure and sell... I agree)
      > In my experience, it is very valuable to have a UX guy on the Scrum
      > Team form the beginning. This way he ensures great UX (maybe by using the
      > UXI Matrix).
      > .peter.gfader. (current mood = happy!)
      > http://blog.gfader.com/
      > On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 9:10 PM, kerrykimbrough
      > <kerry@...>wrote:
      >> **
      >> Jon, my 1st reaction to your UXI matrix concept is that no Scrum team I've
      >> ever seen would use it. No one wants to fuss with this much analysis and
      >> data entry. And, if the team is using Rally or similar tracking tools,
      >> there is zero interest in data that's not in the tool.
      >> My 2nd reaction is that this matrix misses the point. What we need is good
      >> flow. We need work to arrive at each point in the flow completely ready
      >> for
      >> the next step. Devs don't want to fuss with your measures of UI design
      >> readiness. They want it to be ready.
      >> We already know the waterfall flow, with its big hopeless handoffs,
      >> doesn't work. Instead, we seek a more continous and incremental flow. But
      >> I
      >> don't see how the UXI matrix contributes.
      > --

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