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  • Tom Hume
    Feb 7, 2012
      It strikes me that what you're tracking here is the state of individual backlog items. In your case, it's whether they're ready to move to development by virtue of the design work being completed. Further down the line, you might want to track whether a given backlog item is through development and ready for testing; prior to design you might want to track whether a given backlog item has been approved for design work to start.

      I've used colour-coding of cells in a backlog for this sort of thing; in a product backlog we would apply to the cell whose row indicates the backlog item and column indicates the sprint number. For a sprint backlog, replace the latter by the column indicating the day in the sprint.

      This makes it very clear what the state and/or readiness of current items is, maps neatly onto columns on a physical board, and lets you see patterns (either in-sprint or across them) of movement of backlog items between various states.

      Tracking every aspect of what makes a given backlog item ready to proceed into development might be appropriate, or might not - YMMV. One thing I like about backlogs is that they give us a useful summary of a project, as the expense of including every detail.

      On 7 February 2012 16:38, Austin Govella <austin.govella@...> wrote:

      So, here's the constructive part: what information would your perfect
      product backlog track?

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