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  • Jon Innes
    Feb 4, 2012
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      Last year on this list, we had a discussion about a technique I've been using on client projects to help teams integrate UX activities into Scrum.

      Several of you had requested more info from me and we had conversations privately afterwards. I also talked to some of you at the Agile conference in Salt Lake, and at UPA this past year where I gave presentations on his topic.

      Thanks to Austin Govella, who is an editor for Boxes & Arrows, I've finally publicly posted some more details on how I use this. I'd be interested in your comments and feedback. The article is at:


      Note that in an attempt to be brief, I've skipped over some things in this post.

      On some projects for example, I've calculated fairly complex measures of UX complexity beyond the simple counts shown in the article by entering estimates beyond the Y/N values shown in simplified example for each persona. I've also counted the number of users we've studied in the persona verified cells (on a project where we did contextual interviews), created epic & theme level scores, and a number of other variations.

      I would love to hear from those of you who discussed this with me last year on this list, especially about any experiences you've had trying it on projects.

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