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7379Re: [agile usability] Paper Prototyping

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  • desireesy
    Aug 15, 2011
      John Schrag:
      > > We use lots of things for paper prototyping. If the interface is not
      > > too interactive, I'll use balsamiq mockups printed out and cut into
      > > pieces. Sometimes we'll use a whiteboard and post-it notes -- in which
      > > case the interface is all drawn larger-than-life. For more interactive
      > > things, we are lucky enough to have a developer reporting to our UX team
      > > whose entire job is to build prototypes for us. Of course, there are a
      > > lot of us sharing him, so we don't always get access.

      Adrian Howard:
      > I'm going to niggle and say that if you're not using paper then what you're doing is just plain old "prototyping" :-)

      :)  What John's describing is what I call "minimum-fidelity prototyping."  That is, we aim for the lowest possible fidelity of interactive prototype to make the relevant design decision.

      > I'd also recommend Todd's "Prototyping: A Practitioner's Guide" (http://t.co/LjQS4Ie) as a good read. It has 
      > some good things to say about the different things you get out of prototyping at different levels of fidelity.

      Just to bring this full circle, the webinar version of Todd's book is available from Jared's company:


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