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7155Re: [agile-usability] Product Owner models for distributed teams?

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  • David LaRue
    Sep 15, 2010
      We have an off-site customer rep. No issues with that as our rep is familair with the products and customer base. We also have two off-site developers, four on site, and distributed management.

      We're relatively new to SCRUM and Agile but it is close to where we were before the company "improved" its process.


      On Wed, 15 Sep 2010 22:28:46 +0000, allisonweiss wrote:

      >We have a distributed team where everyone but the business resides and works together in one state and the business is in another state, 2 hours later. There has been a significant change in personnel in the business
      and there is very little in terms of 'subject matter expertness' and/or agile Product Ownership skills. Conversely, the development/testing team has had very little turnover recently. While they are relatively new at scrum
      and not complete business SME's, there is a lot of product knowledge on the team.
      >Any suggestions on how to fill our product owner role in this environment?

      >Scrum Master
      >p.s. I will cross post this on a couple other groups


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