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7123Re: agile + ux in a mobile development environment?

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  • juliebooth36
    Jun 9, 2010
      We have been doing this at Con-way Enterprise Services

      Link Here: http://uxsuccess.com/2009/10/19/ux-and-agile-co-mingling/

      Process based on how we worked on SCO Mobile P&D Re-write
      During Iteration Planning:
      • The BA works with the business owners to decide what stories go in this iteration.
      • UX does research to inform stories and to create the User Scenarios that will inform the UAT and the user test scenarios.
      During Story Analysis (working an iteration or two) ahead of the developers :
      • UX meets with the BA and the clients to assist in needs elicitation from the user's perspective to help write the story. The UX person may do participatory design and use lo-fi prototyping in RITE sessions to get to a starting point for the BA
      • The BA refines the mock-up screens that are added to each of the stories using Balsamiq.
      • UX reviews those mock-up screens for best-practice as the developers review for technical viability – this is done through a story review with the team (try to take the form of cognitive walk-throughs here to keep team members on task)
      • When enough stories are complete in mock-up, they are linked in clickable prototype format so that our End-Users who participate in weekly revolving door sessions can test. UX does a weekly report-out that includes story sign-off and stories signed off with these exceptions.
      • UX also participates in client story reviews at this time to get client feedback on the prototype
      During Development: (working on cards that are being played in this iteration)
      • UX does desk-side reviews as the developers are programming the UI screens. We are learning a lot here — since our developers are doing the screen design — we have no formal designer on the team.
      • As the UX person, I am trying to extract "standards" from the 6 developers and post those on a Wiki to try to keep the design consistent repeatable and predictable. This is our greatest challenge right now.
      • As soon as we can, UX brings the "happy path" click through on a device (or screens) that has been populated with mock-data to revolving door sessions and into the field. NB: About revolving door sessions: Generally these sessions always happen once a week with 6 users who have committed to a 30 minute time slot. They look at both prototype mock ups and test the click-through tasks on the device
      • When we have more functional code, we take the device out to the field to walk through a task in the context of how they would do it — not just following a "happy path" we do a more formal review with users out in the field — drivers and dock-workers. This gets us locked down, UX will sign off, and then we go to QA.
      During QA:
      • UX review stories and defects and adds cards as appropriate. We partner closely with QA to make sure that the integrity of the UX is maintained before we go to client sign-off.

      --- In agile-usability@yahoogroups.com, "rogerwingo" <neener@...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > This is my first post to the list so apologies in advance if this is the wrong place or has been covered before. I'm a (relatively new) UX practitioner at an international mobile operator.
      > We're trying to pitch a Agile + UX approach to an audience of software developers & managers. I'm able to find quite a few resources on best practices (e.g. parallel track approach, rapid iterative user testing), but what we're missing at this point are compelling case studies indicating that this combined approach is feasible for a large-scale international mobile company.
      > Basically we are looking for a few examples of major software development companies that have successfully used Agile (specifically, Scrum) combined with user centered design activities. So far I've found case studies on ComputerWeekly.com, Microsoft (Video Games), and Autodesk, but so far nothing in mobile. Any anecdotes, links, etc. would be much appreciated!
      > Thanks,
      > Nina
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