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7108looking for a usability expert who works in agile project for an event

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  • lou_schwartz
    Apr 14, 2010
      Hi everybody,

      for an event the 17th june 2010 in Luxembourg, we are looking for a usability expert (with strong competencies in user centered design) that work in agile projects.

      We would like that this expert prepares a set of several short presentations (between 5 or 10 minites about 4 or 6 prensentations) about which usability methods used in agile projects, how agile and UCD are compatibles, what is the place of the UCD expert in an agile project, etc.

      This event will be organized by the French-Luxembourgish Usability Professionals' Association (local chapter of UPA) and the Agile Interest Group of Luxembourg.

      Are you interested ? You have experience and you want to share it with professionals ? Contact us : info@...

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