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7105Re: [agile-usability] Agile ux = zero or miminal upfront prototyping work?

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  • SusRobson@aol.com
    Mar 25, 2010
      If any of you are in the Boston area or plan to be in the Boston area on June 9th, the Boston UPA is holding a conference. We are currently looking for presenters. Agile is a big topic right now as everyone seems to be doing it yet nobody really knows how to do it (yes, I know that is an overstatement). If you are interested in presenting at this conference, please go to http://www.upaboston.org/miniconf10/call.shtml to submit a proposal.
      Susie Robson
      Boston UPA

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      From: Gene Arch <garch@...>
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      Sent: Thu, Mar 25, 2010 4:24 pm
      Subject: RE: [agile-usability] Agile ux = zero or miminal upfront prototyping work?

      I'm not entirely sure if parallel sprints is the way to go either.  I'm still working through the best way to do this myself.  I do like the idea of pairing with developers on UI implementations, however.  And come to think of it, if I'm spending all my time doing mockups in parallel, I wouldn't have the time for that kind of collaboration. 

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      Subject: Re: [agile-usability] Agile ux = zero or miminal upfront prototyping work?

      Thanks for your responses guys, I realise my initial statement was a bit woolly, but trust me, you've definitely helped me think this through.

      William - I definitely agree with your statement that  we should be "seeing how little you can get away with and still produce great work". I'm certainly not in favor of producing documentation for it's own sake, but if it's going to help communicate ideas better and produce better decisions, then I will continue to advocate it.

      Gene - I'm not totally sure about the idea of ux sprints running parallel to development sprints; I kind of like the idea of devs and ux working together as much as possible.

      One thing I've done recently is pairing with developers with some ui implementation work and it's been really helpful.

      Apologies if there's any doubling up of replies here, I'm having issues with my gmail account and yahoo groups.


      On 24 March 2010 14:33, Paul Spencer <spencepd@gmail. com> wrote:
      Hi Gene,

      That is generally what we try to do.  If you have a resource available to create the mockups then they can be working along with the PO on the highest priority items for the next Sprint so that they are ready to go.  Again don't get too far ahead of yourself because the PO can change priorities after the review.

      Of course all of this depends on your team and the goals of your project.  I agree with William, tinker with your process and get your team to a point where everyone feels they are being productive and creating a useful product.

      - Paul

      Paul Spencer
      Agile Software Development, UX Consultant

      On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 9:41 AM, Gene Arch <garch@itagroup. com> wrote:
      Hi Sam,
      I am in a similar situation.  Our company has just adopted Agile over the past year or so, and I'm struggling with the question of "to prototype or not to prototype."  Currently, we do very little UX prototyping, though I see the benefit in doing so.  There have been a few projects I've been on where I basically forced time in there for wireframes of the interfaces, and it actually helped us foresee some difficult situations.  I think if you are doing spec reviews of the stories at the beginning of the sprint, maybe that's the time for (very) preliminary mockups?  I'm not sure.  I've also suggested to my scrum master the possibility of the UX people doing the prototyping work in a -1 sort of method (alongside the product owners writing specs for the stories - at least 1 sprint prior to when the stories are actually committed).  He hasn't responded on that yet.

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