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7098Agile ux = zero or miminal upfront prototyping work?

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  • Gene Arch
    Mar 24 6:41 AM
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      Agile ux = zero or miminal upfront prototyping work?

      Hi Sam,

      I am in a similar situation.  Our company has just adopted Agile over the past year or so, and I'm struggling with the question of "to prototype or not to prototype."  Currently, we do very little UX prototyping, though I see the benefit in doing so.  There have been a few projects I've been on where I basically forced time in there for wireframes of the interfaces, and it actually helped us foresee some difficult situations.  I think if you are doing spec reviews of the stories at the beginning of the sprint, maybe that's the time for (very) preliminary mockups?  I'm not sure.  I've also suggested to my scrum master the possibility of the UX people doing the prototyping work in a -1 sort of method (alongside the product owners writing specs for the stories - at least 1 sprint prior to when the stories are actually committed).  He hasn't responded on that yet.


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