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6712Re: [agile-usability] Linkedin Group on Agile and UX

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  • Tim Wright
    Jan 5, 2010
      In our organisation, Agile PMs are responsible for delivary of all "in scope" project outputs. This is different to a scrummaster who is responsible for effective functioning of the team (give or take a few sterotypes). Typically, tho, the PM is an outward facing role who is always talking to other PMs and stakeholders to clear the path for project success and the scrummaster helps the team follow the path.
      On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 9:56 AM, Margaret Motamed <motamed@...> wrote:

      And we use yahoogroups!

      Seriously, I am currently the scrum master for our division's agile transformation (enterprise transition) team. And I hope to become a product owner for one of the dev teams. I am also a program manager, a card carrying PMP and now CSM too smile. I have previously people managed a team of ux folk. We set up our company's first usability lab and trailblased personas. But none of it took the first time. So that's why I'm listening here. I've been a business analyst. A sw dev. A hardware engr. A research team member. Etc.

      Think of us useful team members who are generally resourceful. And enterprise wide there are still project details to manage too

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      On Jan 5, 2010, at 1:49 PM, William Pietri wrote:

      On 01/05/2010 05:21 AM, mariusvandam wrote:
      > [...] it's a subgroup of the 'Agile Project Managers' group. [...]

      This is a bit of a digression, but what does an Agile project manager do?

      Apparently, they use LinkedIn.


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