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  • Mouneer
    Nov 18, 2009

      The start could be with roles listings:

      “Usability expert”

      UX designer

      UI developer

      Interactive designer


      In Agile teams general specialists are becoming the norm and they are the champions; in our talk here they are the UX/UI/Interactive designer/developer; someone who has the skill to work understand the tell the story with the product owner/customer using low-fidelity medium and gradually work their way thru in a “UX design studio”.

      For an agile team, specialization in the UX/UI/Usability domain did not really help. What I see working is a UX person with knowledge and experience on usability heuristics and standards, usability low-fi tools, information structure, and user-centric experience; this person is capable of telling the story based o persona/user role needs, verifying the quick low-cost design models (example www.balsamiq.com) , designing the general theme and look & feel, iteratively adding higher fidelity designs by feature (or story, or MMF) , implementing UI elements in different technologies (JS, JQuery, Flash, Sliverlight etc..), working closely with developers, processing feedback and usability test results, and analyzing the post-release usability stats.


      A specialist usability person sounds like a software architect who no longer code; nevertheless, this specialization may be useful in places that provides usability assessment as a service on its own. But in an agile software development, a UX Knight is a key role for success.


      I completely support cross functional teams yet I see “meta teams” of developers, another of UX persons, and another of product owners as a great venue for knowledge sharing and continuous improvement on the organizational level.


      Hope this answers part of the questions.




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      Hi All,

      We are an organization that started the move to agile about a year ago. Our usability team is quiet perplexed. We basically work in intranet web applications. Can anybody update on the typical role of a usability guy in a project? What does he do? When? Any details are welcome.





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