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652Re: Linux interface library documentation

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  • Ron Vutpakdi
    Oct 7, 2004
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      --- In agile-usability@yahoogroups.com, "Michael Mahemoff (Mailing
      Lists)" <michaellists@m...> wrote:
      > This is an interesting point about tools - I have found there are
      > several steps a platform's facilitator can take to promote UI
      > flourish across the community. I did some research on style guides a
      > while back, and a few success factors were:
      > * The concepts. Most importantly, the concepts have to be logical and
      > fit together cohesively. No good having one guideline suggest "3D
      > and another suggest "raise/lower buttons".

      As a general rule, yes, the concepts and guidelines need to be
      consistent and fit together logically as much as possible. But, it's
      really hard to come up with general, practical guidelines which will
      work together logically in every situation because a considerable
      portion of good design (in any discipline/domain) comes down to
      analyzing the context, goals, and situation and knowing when to follow
      the guidelines (which is what should happen most of the time) and when
      to violate the guidelines. In other words, "it depends" gets used
      quite a bit.

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