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6476New To Usability - Trying To Learn & Define Standards

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  • doug.gorman@rocketmail.com
    Sep 30, 2009
      Good morning, everyone. My name's Doug Gorman and I'm the QA manager at Creative Artists Agency.

      My team is beginning to take on usability as part of what we test for in the applications we build for the business. We are frequently presented with questions like "should we use an icon or text link?" that we have no resources to draw on to make a decision.

      Ideally I would prefer to create some standards around the kinds of interface decisions we're normally presented with. Not to prevent people from making other decisions, but to provide a baseline from which to guide decisions.

      I have three questions about creating a baseline:

      1. What resources would you recommend to be helpful in establishing a UI baseline for our organization?
      2. If you've created UI standards for a company before, what issues did you encounter with regards to acceptance and adherence?
      3. Would you recommend a standard - if not, why?
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