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646Re: [agile-usability] Linux interface library documentation

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  • Petteri Hiisilä
    Oct 5, 2004
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      > KDE screen shots:
      > http://www.kde.org/screenshots/

      KDE has it's own style guide:


      "This document attempts to specify the look-and-feel for KDE
      applications. The goal is to provide some rules-of-thumb for developers
      to create their applications interface so that KDE software will have a
      consistent look-and-feel.

      The guidelines in this style guide are only suggestions - they are not
      set in stone. It is the application designer's duty to create a decent
      interface. Following rules will not do that, but common sense will.

      These guidelines are aimed at a typical application consisting of a
      menubar, toolbar, working area and statusbar. Not every application
      necessarily needs to have all these components, but if your application
      does, then the components should work as described here. Please note
      that not every component described must be present in your application."

      - Petteri
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