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6263Re: [agile-usability] Valuing stories

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  • Adrian Howard
    Sep 6 12:26 AM
      On 5 Sep 2009, at 22:53, jonathan berger wrote:

      > Ok, great, sure, you've got a very orthodox view of agile, and that's
      > cool. I buy that. But the question I struggle with is this: where does
      > design fit in? Do you write separate design stories? Is design part of
      > a development story? Is a story acceptable if the functionality is
      > there but its a poor UE? How do you measure "good" UE if UE can't be a
      > story because its not software?

      Which particular meaning of "design" are we talking about here? The
      "design" of the code (class hierarchies, etc.)? Or "design" in the big-
      D / product design / industrial design sense (ideation, etc.)

      If the former - then I'm with George/William. It's something you do
      all of the time.

      If the latter - then I think there's probably some interesting corners
      to explore.

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