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6149Re: [agile-usability] Is your right brain active?

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  • Adrian Howard
    May 10, 2009
      On 8 May 2009, at 17:06, Jon Kern wrote:

      > Thanks Larry/(Adrian),
      > You are entitled to your bean raining/usual rants -- as long as you
      > took
      > the test <g>.

      More than a minute, under five. Probably not a fair time coz I knew it
      would either be an actual image - or a pattern in the beans - so I was
      looking for it in a particular way :-)

      > Because, whether it is based on "brain facts" or not, it is still
      > fun to
      > hear my IT friends get tripped up on the test, yet their spouses or
      > kids
      > see it immediately. And whether it is based on LEFT/RIGHT or merely
      > the
      > ability for your brain to process the image faster or slower, I find
      > it
      > interesting anecdotal evidence.

      Also possibly dangerous anecdotal data :-) Maybe it's not a creative
      distinction. Maybe there's no distinction at all (your sample size is
      small). Maybe it's a distinction of folk who were looking for a
      "trick" in the image - rather than a literal picture. Maybe it's the
      environment the question is framed in. Maybe it's rested vs tired
      rather than technical vs creative Maybe...

      The real problem I've found with the left/right thing is that it
      becomes a label. You can't do X coz you're a left brain type. You
      can't do Y coz you're a right brain type. Etc. This is, in my
      experience, a deeply harmful outlook for people. Especially when the
      labels are mythical :-)

      Even if you take the original research by Fink and Marshall at face
      value they were not saying anything about personality types - but
      instead were talking about where different kinds of mental processes
      happened. The idea of left/right brain dominance is just pop-
      psychology - and is about as useful as astrology.

      .... erm... ranting aren't I.... sorry!

      If you want a really dramatic example of how silly the left/right
      brain thing is - have a google around hemispherectomy - scary... but
      fascinating stuff :-)


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