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6146RE: [agile-usability] Is your right brain active?

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  • Larry Constantine
    May 7, 2009

      Hate to rain on the beans, but this popular and widely distributed "test"
      has been around for many years and is totally without foundation. The
      give-away that this is made up is "Doctors have concluded..." Which doctors?
      How? Not only is this not research based but to the extent it tests
      anything, it is most likely testing aspects of visual processing, not
      "right-brain/left-brain." If it were evaluating any documented aspect of
      "right-brain/left-brain" processing, it is what is more likely to be
      "left-brain" attention to detail and serial processing, much as used in
      "Find Waldo" type pastimes.

      I use the quotes around "right-brain/left-brain" because, although still
      pervasive in the popular culture the paradigm has been largely abandoned in
      psychology; much of what is attributed to lateralization turns out to be
      much subtler than the simplistic popular models.

      --Larry Constantine, IDSA, ACM Fellow
      Professor, Department of Mathematics & Engineering
      University of Madeira | Funchal, Portugal
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