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6048ANN: Agile UX Primer web seminar

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  • Jeff Patton
    Mar 3, 2009
      All: some self promotion here - but I believe it's relevant to this

      Tomorrow, Wed Mar 4th, I'll be presenting a 90 minute web seminar on
      agile development and user experience practice. It's pretty short,
      but for some it may be a helpful overview.

      More information is here: http://www.uie.com/events/virtual_seminars/agile/

      I'll spend about a third of the time reviewing agile development -
      trying to communicate more from a UX practitioners perspective. Then
      I hope to spend much of the remainder of the time talking about what
      I've seen emerge as common agile UX practice. These are emergent
      practices I've observed in many teams and organizations that have made
      agile and UX practice work effectively together. Nothing theoretical
      here - just reporting what I've seen work.

      You'll get a chance to ask questions and have them answered. Jared
      also follows the web seminar with a podcast that answers questions we
      didn't get to during the seminar.

      Although it's short notice, if this is interesting to you or your
      company, please visit Jared's site and register. Use the discount
      code PATTON to get $30 off the already reasonable price.

      Thanks, and please excuse the self promotion. I believe it'll be
      relevant to many on the list.

      Jeff Patton
      +1 801.910.7908
      skype; jeff_patton
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