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5832Re: [agile-usability] Customer Satisfaction and AGFile Methods

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  • William Pietri
    Nov 7, 2008
      Hi, Donald. Do you plan to prepare a summary for the web? I see that you
      used this list at least four times to ask for participation, so sharing
      summaries of your research with us seems like a reasonable thing to do.



      donald.buresh wrote:
      > To Whom It May Concern,
      > Because of the significance of the work, and because of demand, I
      > decided to publish the results of my research with VDM Publishing
      > LLC. The web site is www.vdm-publishing,com. The book is
      > entitled: "Customer Satisfaction and Agile Methods", and the ISBN
      > number is 978-3-639-09476-3.
      > The research surveyed 185 projects, and the results proved to be
      > quite controversial, provocative, and unexpected. You will not look
      > at agile methods the same way after you have read my book. You will
      > not believe all of the hype that has been written about the use and
      > results of agile methods. The next time that you read something on
      > agile methods, you will think of my research. You will come away from
      > my book with a greater understanding of what agile methods are all
      > about, and what they can and do achieve, but more importantly, what
      > they cannot and do not achieve.
      > If you are interested in agile methods, but are unsure whether they
      > are the right software development methods to employ, then my book is
      > for you. In my book, you will find hard data on the characteristics
      > of projects, participants, and whether agile methods are the only
      > software development to use to satisfy your customers.
      > I invite you to contact VDM Publishing LLC regarding my book
      > entitled "Customer Satisfaction and Agile Methods", and find out for
      > yourself the real value of employing agile software development
      > methods rather than plan-driven software development methods.
      > Donald L. Buresh, Ph.D.
      > 3115 Enoch Avenue
      > Zion, IL 60099
      > Tele: 847-872-1659
      > LoganSquareDon@...
      > ------------------------------------
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