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5764Re: from qualitative user testing to quantitative user research

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  • Andy Edmonds
    Oct 1, 2008
      Stefan: You'd probably find this topic more productive on a different
      list, but there are some clear precedents for what you seek.

      For example, User Interface Engineering (UIE), has done some nice high
      profile work across studies to show that longer links tend to perform
      better. IIRC, they correlated task success with link length across a
      bunch of studies.

      In general, you're looking at "between subjects design" and a very
      large error component. You'll need a lot of data.

      The UIE example shows how you can apply a method of reducing each
      study to a datapoint and then analyzing across studies as an experiment.

      Andy Edmonds

      --- In agile-usability@yahoogroups.com, "Stefan Wobben [Concept7]"
      <stefan@...> wrote:
      > I wonder if there is a way that i can gather data on a meta-level so
      in the end we are able to perform statitic analyses. The problem
      however is we there are different websites, different tasks and
      different participants.
      > I can't believe there isn't any other possibility. Does anybody has
      ideas? and/or interested in performing such type of studies?
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