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513RE: [agile-usability] Could UI Engineering have lead to Wiki?

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  • Desilets, Alain
    Sep 2, 2004
        > Unfortunately, the more usable solution is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH harder to
       > implement (remember: only 10 pages of code for the simple solution!), yet it
       > is *NOT* MUCH, MUCH, MUCH easier to use. So it makes sense to go for the
       > implementationally simpler solution. 
      I think this is a very relevant comment.  would your user rather have a "pretty good" product (in terms of usability) now, or an "awesome" product in 3 months time? 
      I think you misunderstand what I meant by "MUCH, MUCH, MUCH harder to implement". The question is more:
      Would your user rather have a "pretty good" product now, or invest into one year of development with no assurance that the "awesome" product can be done?
      The reason it's not clear that it can be done is that dynamic HTML is not standard across browsers. So far, the only WYSIWIG HTML editing tools I have seen that run inside a browser can only run inside IE.
      I think the market has already answered that question. A google search for allinurl: wiki shows that there are over 13 million pages out there that are served by wiki clones. Not bad for something that started out as 10 pages of perl code (BTW: allinurl: asp = 250 million pages and allinurl: jsp = 43 millions pages). On the other hand, I don't know of too many sites (none actually) that are served by a server that allows WYSIWYG editing inside the browser.

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