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512Re: [agile-usability] Re: Could UI Engineering have lead to Wiki?

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  • Keith Nicholas
    Sep 2, 2004
      This is what XP is....

      fufill a real need - Story scheduled by customer
      lots of thinking about design expressed as deliverable software

      Only difference here is how much time you need to do this.

      The challenge to interaction designers is can you do it in small
      amounts of time in an incremental way? Same question was put to Big
      Design Up Front people in the software design world....effective
      techniques and thinking mindsets came about that allowed for very
      quick delivery of software

      Can you come up with new thinking that will allow for very quick
      incremental interaction designs? If not, Im sure thats what will
      happen....It will all be agilized. :-)



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      From: Petteri Hiisilä <petteri.hiisila@...>
      Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2004 11:59:47 +0300
      Subject: Re: [agile-usability] Re: Could UI Engineering have lead to Wiki?
      To: agile-usability@yahoogroups.com

      I'd be ready to argue, that almost any user-centered / goal-directed
      / hat-invented process works as long as in the beginning you spend 80
      % of your brain processing time on thinking very very hard, how your
      design will fulfill some real human users real needs in a realistic
      day. Very practical thinking. It's not just the process. It's the
      attitude, mindset, way of seeing things. I don't have any backup for
      this idea, and I'm not willing to present any. But I see this pattern
      in most methods that aim to humanize technology, and it has been
      working brilliantly in every single project that I've done. And the
      opposite hasn't.

      - Petteri
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