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487Re: Could UI Engineering have lead to Wiki?

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  • Petteri Hiisilä
    Sep 1, 2004
      Alain wrote:
      To sum up the points, you shouldn't optimize usability without paying
      attention to implementation simplicity, anymore than you should optimize
      implementation simplicity without paying attention to usability.

      So we need a methodology that allows UI experts and developpers to
      communicate and collaboratively come up with a design that satisfies both
      aspects. That's one of the reasons why I like Contextual Design (in
      particular the agile version that Hugh presented at XPAU 2004). It allows
      the whole team (not just UI experts) to get immersed in customer data and
      collaboratively make rational decisions about what to implement.

      Good, thoughtful views. I must read Hugh's presentation. Is it available online?

      What do you think about Dave's article? I think it touches this discussion:

      A salesman from Rational is going to visit us next month. I'm eager to see what she's going to sell us. I have asked her to read Dave's article, and try to arrange her agile sales lyrics to our goal-directed notes.

      - Petteri

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