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4609Re: [agile-usability] Inside Steve's Brain

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  • William Pietri
    Jun 10, 2008
      Jeff White wrote:
      Excellent. Thank you for clarifying. I believe agile holds a lot of potential for the design community, and I'm going to investigate what PARC was up to, I'm not familiar with it - can you point to any resources?

      This is perhaps 5 years in the past, so my memory's a little hazy at this point, but the researcher I talked with most was Nicholas Duchenaut. They had some ideas about better interfaces to email based on the observation is that many people use their inboxes more as to-do lists. Part of their research involved giving different tools to heavy email users. They built the tools on a 1-week iterative cycle. They deployed to their test audiences relatively early in the course of the project, and used data and observation of subjects to generate new hypotheses and new design ideas, changing their software development plans as they went.

      There were two main points I remember from his presentation on this. One was the bit I mentioned before, their conclusion that "Extreme Programming expands the design space." The other was that some of their test subjects who were also PARC executives got so hooked on their product that they refused to stop using it when the experiment was over.


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