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4171Functional Testing Vs Usability Testing ?

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  • Manish Pillewar
    Apr 21, 2008
      Where unit tests deal with checking for coding errors
      at class levels, functional testing is more from an
      end users perspective. But the major difference
      between a functional test and an usability test would
      be the lack of design principles to evaluate for and
      having the users perspective while designing the
      functional testing criteria themselves. Functional
      testing works more within the boundaries of the
      work/task flows and checks if the intended output is
      available to the user whereas, usability testing works
      on evaluating exactly how it is presented to the user.
      Having said that a functional tester with a little end
      user empathy, common sense and good knowledge of
      usability principles, could work well as a usability
      tester as well.

      Seems to me, where I can train a BA to capture end
      user requirements fairly through contextual research,
      interviews,etc. I can train a QA as well to do
      some(some) usability testing for sure, with fair

      Any experience with this situation?
      Comments please.

      Manish Govind Pillewar
      User Experience Designer

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