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  • Manish Pillewar
    Mar 18, 2008
      Lovely! that you mention it.
      Google Analytics definitely seems to be one step
      further to remote usability testing. Combine that with
      WebOptimizer and you have some instant user feedback
      for each change you do on your webapp. Google
      analytics gives you a wide variety of usage reports,
      which can help you understand your website visitors.
      Pasting some excerpts from
      "The Usage report allows you to see the percent of
      website visitors using your internal search function
      and those who are not. If you know your search
      function is in need of an upgrade, and there area a
      high percent of visitors engaging with the internal
      search function, then you should consider upgrading
      your internal search function to better meet their

      If your website is already running a enterprise level
      search solution, like the Google Search Appliance,
      then this report will allow you to begin measuring the
      ROI (Return On Investment) of your search solution.

      The Goal Conversion tab within the Usage report allows
      you to dive further into how your website's internal
      search is performing. Allowing you to see if visitors
      using your internal search are more likely to convert
      or not.

      The following questions will make you think critically
      about your internal search:

      * Can visitors find the information they require
      in order to convert without using the internal search?
      * Where is the search box located on your website?
      * Is the search box consistently located across
      your entire site?
      * Are visitors getting the search results they
      * Does your internal search cope with spelling
      * Do visitors using search spend more time or view
      more pages on your website?

      Once you have a good understanding of how your
      internal search is setup and used you will be able to
      improve its performance. The Site Search Usage report
      will then allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your

      Well, we are experimenting with this a bit, but we can
      definitely see this bringing in more figures to nail
      down usability as a key driver for the design. The
      figures are up front for all to see :-)

      Internally, you can use google's web optimizer to see
      what little differences to the content on the webapp
      makes a difference. Say a simple thing like shifting
      the search from top right corner to make it a part of
      the left navigation. The design iterations can be
      shorter, till you see your goals accomplished. Check
      out this online video,


      -Manish Pillewar
      -Gilberto Medrano

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      Subject: [agile-usability] Re: Online Usability Tests

      But I haven't convinced myself yet that remote testing
      isn't useful or can't be done cost-effectively. In
      some respect, we use remote testing when we analyse
      our web site stats, even though it is at a rather
      broad level and isn't focused very well, although it
      probably could
      be. Has anybody used something like Google Analytics
      to try to do testing? Setting up goals and measuring
      conversions (isn't this the same as setting a task for
      users except not explicitly but implicitly?)for



      --- I

      Thanks and Regards
      Manish Govind Pillewar
      Sr. User Experience Designer
      Thoughtworks India Pvt. Ltd.Bangalore-India

      Tel. +91 9880566951 (M)
      +91 80 41113967 (Eve.)
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