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4094Re: [agile-usability] Re: Online Usability Tests

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  • William Pietri
    Mar 18, 2008
      Todd Zaki Warfel wrote:
      > They tried three times. On the fourth time, they said "I wonder if
      > it's not letting me put a space in." Yup, that was the problem. They
      > couldn't get past the registration form. because the validation
      > wouldn't allow spaces in the name fields (ironically, that means I
      > wouldn't be able to register, as my last name has a space in it).
      > Something on-line testing won't capture.

      I do know of places that capture this on a statistical basis. I have
      pals at one site that care a lot about the signup process. As with
      something like Netflix, signups are the primary revenue source, so they
      care a lot about it. They have two techniques that they use heavily.

      One is to record all form submissions, successful or failed, and take a
      close look at the ones that don't succeed the first time. They have
      discovered a number of usability issues this way, including issues with
      field labeling, allowed values, and hard-to-read CAPTCHAs

      The other is extensive A/B testing. When they realized the CAPTCHA was a
      problem, they ran several different versions in parallel to see which
      one users had the most success with.

      Given that most everybody uses JavaScript these days, I suspect one
      could also do some interesting things by capturing the event stream and
      sending it back via AJAX. And I'd love to try to build something that
      ties those events into snapshots taken via Flash's webcam support.

      But yeah, I agree with the basic point, which is that there are some
      things much easier to get in person.

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