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4089RE: [agile-usability] Re: Online Usability Tests

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  • Desilets, Alain
    Mar 18, 2008
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      > I think you can get a lot of "broad" information doing an on-line
      > study,
      > such as whether or not users can get the tasks accomplished at all, if
      > so then how accurately/well. You might then know if the site is
      > or if it's not, and maybe even about certain areas of it. But I wonder
      > about how you can capture the confusion or frustration of users which
      > is
      > most apparent from their body language and/or how they use the site
      > (gleaned from watching rather than from a questionaire).

      Here's an example.

      When I went to the URL you provided to test this Apollo site, I clicked
      on a button to start the study.

      This opened up a new Firefox window for me to do my work in. But for
      some reason, this window did not have any of the menus, and in
      particular, I could find no way to search within a page. I fiddled with
      this for a good 2 minutes until I eventually decided to just copy the
      URL to a different Firefox window (one that I opened myself).

      This is presumably something that would not be observable by your

      > Have you tried to work out the quality of information / quantity of
      > information tradeoff? Is it better to have a broad user testing base
      > (like your 1000) or a narrow base (say 5 - 7), and the cost of getting
      > them (eg setting up the online test v. other more traditional
      > Presumably it would be contingent upon what was being tested. And
      > probably also upon the type of users you require.

      That would be a really interesting finding.

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