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4054Re: [agile-usability] Re: Leverage a small UX team?

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  • Manish Pillewar
    Mar 3, 2008
      From a sales/business perspective:

      Q. Would you run the usability test as part of the
      demo of the product increment?

      Comment: It has its risks. The users nominated for
      testing need to be very close to the persona's you
      created during the application design. Provided you
      have done all the risks mitigation, its should help
      drive the point home asap.

      Q. I like the idea of the demo being the usability
      and the stakeholders being observers of the usability

      Comment: The challenge here is to moderate the test
      show while you bring out the best features of the
      product. Live usability testing may bring in
      additional viewpoints on how the client organization
      works and how certain additional features would have
      been great to have. This could potentially become a
      point of negotiation on the cost estimates for your

      Q. Has anyone done what Jon's suggesting? Somehow
      combining usability test with the demo? I like the
      idea of showing live user testing to the stakeholders,
      but it sounds problematic in terms of being able to
      show a representative sample of users to the
      stakeholders- -I wouldn't want the stakeholders to see
      the one outlyer test, and I don't know how I'd show
      them 4-5 users in one demo. The only way I can think
      of to show them multiple users would be to splice
      together video clips of representative user tests.
      This would be fantastic in a demo, but too much work
      to do regularly.Anyone have experience with this?

      Comment: Showing a short demo video coupled with the
      statistics generated from the usability test seems to
      be a better idea, in my experience. It not only shows
      that you have taken great care while designing the
      product,etc. but also generates less queries and
      lesser debates, as the data is for all to see.

      I've kept aside design ethics which would otherwise
      dictate that in case the user testing fails, its the
      feedback thats important, and you want to sell usable
      software only, even if it means that you don't make a
      sale at all.

      Thanks and Regards
      Manish Govind Pillewar
      Sr. User Experience Designer
      Thoughtworks India Pvt. Ltd.Bangalore-India

      Tel. +91 9880566951 (M)
      +91 80 41113967 (Eve.)
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