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4031Re: [agile-usability] Re: Leverage a small UX team?

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  • Adrian Howard
    Feb 5, 2008
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      On 5 Feb 2008, at 09:04, Jon Dickinson wrote:

      >> On 04/02/2008, timkieschnick <tim.kieschnick@...> wrote:
      >>> Having not done scrum yet myself, I'm probably front-loading too
      >>> much. There will certainly be plenty of informal alignment &
      >>> education going on, but how does this look for the formal training
      >>> part?
      > Have you considered a team based approach to training rather than role
      > based?

      That was what I was just about to suggest. Once you have an
      organisation that accepts that UX issues are important (and if
      they're financing a UX department than my guess is the answer to that
      is yes :-) then I'd focus on educating project teams as a whole
      rather than roles.

      In my experience UX in agile teams is as much bottom-up as it is top-
      down (like most other things in agile teams). I think you'll see see
      more progress more quickly if you educate a team at a time, rather
      than a layer that cuts across all teams.


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