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3652RE: [agile-usability] Re: incrementing vs. iterating

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  • Desilets, Alain
    Aug 10, 2007
      > It's understandable since many of them have been conditioned
      > by past experience that once they give it to development, not
      > only does development often screw it up, but they rarely get
      > another iteration to fix or improve it. It looks a little
      > like post-traumatic-stress disorder. And, I think a lot of
      > folks with years of experience in traditional software
      > development suffer from it. Not just the UX people. That's
      > why I think I see so much "incrementing" and so little "iterating."

      Yes, I can see how this kind of past experience would condition your
      "get it right the first time" reflexes.

      Do you find that as they work more and more on a true agile environment
      they start relaxing more (assuming of course that developpers ARE
      responsive to their requests for changes)?

      One thing I do notice is that while agile developpers ARE open to
      changes in terms of adding new functionality or scenarios of use, they
      tend to be less open to changes in the kind of "details" that makes the
      difference between a barely usable system, and a system that is a
      pleasure to use. You know, things like: this should be a picklist
      instead of a text box type of thing. So maybe that kind of reflex is not
      completely uncalled for even in an agile context.


      Oh, and I'll echo your thanks.
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