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3651Re: incrementing vs. iterating

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  • Jeff Patton
    Aug 10, 2007
      --- In agile-usability@yahoogroups.com, "Desilets, Alain"
      <alain.desilets@...> wrote:
      > But it sounds like you have seen many teams where people (even including
      > developpers by the sounds of things) interpret the need to rework a
      > story as a sign that something was done wrong?
      > Makes you wonder if those people really understand Agile development
      > altogether.

      I should also point out that I get called on to work with UX people
      new to agile - and one of their biggest concerns is that as well.
      They generally want more time to iterate their design so that it can
      be "more right" before it gets passed to developers as a "user story."
      And, in my opinion, they often want too much time to get it way too

      It's understandable since many of them have been conditioned by past
      experience that once they give it to development, not only does
      development often screw it up, but they rarely get another iteration
      to fix or improve it. It looks a little like post-traumatic-stress
      disorder. And, I think a lot of folks with years of experience in
      traditional software development suffer from it. Not just the UX
      people. That's why I think I see so much "incrementing" and so little


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