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3649RE: [agile-usability] Re: incrementing vs. iterating

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  • Desilets, Alain
    Aug 10, 2007
      > > > I'd like it to be the "simplest thing I could possibly release."
      > >
      > > In my case, that releasable thing is always very different
      > from what I
      > > initially envisaged, and the quick initial build is a
      > necessary step
      > > for me to find out.
      > That's _exactly_ what I mean by iterative development. And
      > you'd be surprised at how often in agile environments I've
      > observed people considering that a failure. And in
      > particular people in the customer or product owner role not
      > letting a user story be written or considered complete until
      > it is exactly the way it should be at release time - even if
      > the story is played on iteration 1. (I suspect my bias is
      > showing through again.)

      I'm quite puzzled by that.

      I would think that a team that a team that opted for an Agile approach
      would consider reworking a story as a normal and desirable thing. If
      anything, if you never need to rework a any stories, you are probably
      consitently overshooting and wasting money on gold plating.

      But it sounds like you have seen many teams where people (even including
      developpers by the sounds of things) interpret the need to rework a
      story as a sign that something was done wrong?

      Makes you wonder if those people really understand Agile development

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