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  • jawsadieemail
    Aug 1, 2007
      Everyone - thanks for all the responses. Great discussion. I just
      wanted to follow up and (for what it's worth) let everyone know that
      my team has decided not to pursue the introduction of personas at this
      point. We agreed with many on this list who felt the impact was low
      relative to the time investment. We're doing other things to bring
      focus to our users - such as usability test briefings and group design
      sessions where our design leads mentor our development staff and of
      course advocate for our user base.

      That said, I do think there is value with personas. Obviously many of
      you use them with good success, and they've been helpful for me in the
      past as well. Two main things drove our decision to not pursue them:
      1)The context of Agile - time/resources are scarce & 2)It seems the
      archetype personas are easiest to create but better for marketing and
      other stakeholders. More detailed personas that focus on detailed
      tasks & come accompanied with use cases or scenarios are better for
      developers (our audience in this case) but take longer to use.

      Thanks all,
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