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  • Owen Thomas
    Jun 1 7:28 PM
      Hello Dean.
      --- In agile-usability@yahoogroups.com, "Dean Morrow" <dmorrow6@...>
      > --- In agile-usability@yahoogroups.com, "Owen Thomas"
      > owen.paul.thomas@ wrote:
      > >
      > > > One mustn't have to delay asking questions in a remote team that
      > > access to the right tools.
      > >
      > >
      > That's a big if. I don't see the current tools being as easy and
      > natural as face-to-face. A lot of usabilty is about putting it in the
      > environment, perception over cognition, don't make me think, let me
      > interact. You need to compensate for the reduced auditory & visual
      > in the environment and the clumsier interaction.

      "perception over cognition"? What is "it"?

      Using a phrase like "don't make me think, let me interact" is like the
      saying modern surgical procedures make anaesthetic redundant in that
      while progressively less invasive surgery means reduced use of
      anaesthetic, one is not now, or ever going to consign the anaesthesia
      profession to history.

      I guess that keeping the customer happy can be seen as a goal for
      software development. Minimising thought on this basis to flop over the
      customer satisfaction threshold may achieve that objective. A philosophy
      such as this rarely yields an elegant or robust solution, it just keeps
      the customer happy (hence goal achieved), and dependent on further
      assistance when they need to get their system to do something
      significantly (slightly) different (hence future revenue guaranteed). Is
      this conscionable?

      > Would you agree that there's a lot of opportunity for improvement for
      > creating and supporting an easy, natural interactive remote working
      > environment? Or do you think we're 100% there?

      A mathematician named Kurt Gödel was the first one to show succinctly
      (heh, and elegantly) that that there is no way to get "100% there", but
      I think that remote collaboration is sufficient for, and even preferable
      to collocation in, a great number of circumstances where cognition is
      necessary over interaction. Such circumstances exist now as they ever
      did, and paying respect to them reduces cost, and frustration in dealing
      with the resultant outputs of the development process.

      That's what I reckon,

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