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3239Re: OT: Managing ToolBar Items, Menu Items and Contextual menu Items

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  • Ron Vutpakdi
    Mar 2, 2007
      --- In agile-usability@yahoogroups.com, "Tim Wright"
      <sambo.shacklock@...> wrote:
      > You could ask them what they prefer and go from there. That way
      you'll cover
      > their needs without going overboard.

      I would step back and ask them and yourself, "why is this table there?
      How will it be used? Who will use it?" Essentially, use the same
      design process that you're using on the software for the table.

      If you're using use cases, who will use the data in the table? How?
      Why? What is the use case?

      Then, based on how the contents of the (current) table will be used,
      you can figure out the best representation for what currently is in
      the table. Maybe, the best representation isn't a table. Or, maybe,
      the thing to do is to have a primary representation that isn't a table
      (say a wireframe with callouts), but you still want to have a
      secondary representation that is a table for certain elements (say
      accelerator keys).

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