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3238Re: [agile-usability] OT: Managing ToolBar Items, Menu Items and Contextual menu Items

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  • Tim Wright
    Mar 1, 2007
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      You could ask them what they prefer and go from there. That way you'll cover their needs without going overboard.


      On 3/1/07, Lacroix, Eric <Eric.Lacroix@...> wrote:



      Does someone has ever has this kind of issue regarding the management of those items (ToolBar Items, Menu Items and Contextual menu Items) for a specific application. Right now we are using a really messing Excel Spread Sheet Into that sheet we have the fallowed columns (pers language):


      ·         A unique identifier (EX: MNU001 );

      ·         A Text Colum (EX: Tools);

      ·         An Access key Colum (Ex: T)

      ·         An Hint Colum whereever is applicable

      ·         A Shorcut colum (Ex: Ctrl+G)

      ·         An Image Colum if applicable

      ·         The kind of editor requested (Ex: Button, Drop down, Edit Field…)

      ·         And so on…



      Right now have have several complain from several roles (Tech Writer, UseCase Writer, QC, Developper) about the usability of this kind of specification document.


      Does someone could suggest me something?




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