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2786Call for Participation: CHI 2007 Workshop: "Beyond Current User Research"

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  • emjanero
    Jan 3 1:10 PM
      Hi there,

      Thought that this workshop would be of interest to those working in
      Agile Usability.

      Find out more info here: http://depts.washington.edu/uwtclute/CHI2007/

      Beyond Current User Research: Designing Methods for New Users,
      Technologies, and Design Processes
      A workshop at CHI2007, San Jose, California

      This workshop focuses on the challenges of creating or adapting user
      research methods for use with new user groups, technologies, and
      design processes. For example, how do you assess the usability of a
      mobile, multi-user social-network system? We want to hear your answers
      to challenges like this.

      We invite user researchers who have created/modified user research
      methods to submit case studies describing and analyzing their
      experience. Successful submissions must address these questions:

      (1) What was the impetus for creating the new method or revising
      an existing method? What circumstances created the need for the
      method? What goals did the method have to meet? What data was needed?

      (2) How was the method implemented? What process was followed to
      develop the method? How were problems addressed when applying it? How
      was its quality assessed?

      (3) What was the impact of the method on the design process? How
      was impact tracked? What circumstances, if any, limited the method's
      impact on design?

      This one-day workshop will focus on analyzing your case studies to
      identify guidelines for improving future work.

      Submit a 4-page paper plus a short bio to jramey@... by
      12 January 2007. At least one author needs to register for the
      workshop and for one day of the CHI 2007 conference.