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2784Re: [agile-usability] Agile tools

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  • Jon Kern
    Dec 29, 2006
      Thanks Pete!
      The comments about the Rational suite echo what folks have told me in
      the past -- including echoing your exact comments about ClearCase and

      Some of the tools my client is zeroing in on are looking at MKS's suite
      and TechExcel. Part of it is functionality, part of it is "all-in-one,"
      part of it is customizability, and much of it is culture of the

      We plan to do a pilot project to simulate (in a compressed fashion) a
      real world development SDLC and see how the tools stack up in practice
      across their geographically-dispersed development centers.

      blog: http://technicaldebt.com

      Pete Gordon - Users First Lists said the following on 12/29/06 8:36 AM:
      > Hi Jon,
      > I am working on a very large project ($20MM+) in which Rational Tools
      > (including RAD--was Websphere Studio, ClearCase, ClearQuest,
      > RequsitePro, Rational Rose). I highly recommend staying away from
      > them, not only because of the cost, but because of the complexity in
      > their use--and the lake of meaningful project information provided.
      > I had used ClearCase and ClearQuest previously for some time and found
      > them very good tools, but highly complex in terms of administration.
      > This large project I am on now, gives me project management visibility
      > and the integrator is using the entire suite of Rational Tools; and I
      > have been very disappointed into the visibility and documentation it
      > provides for the SDLC. Granted some of my visibility is sometimes
      > limited by the integrator, and part of the reason the management
      > deliverables are not very good may be do to the way the integrator is
      > using the full suite.
      > I have been very interested in Team Server since hearing of it a year
      > ago or so, but have not had opportunity to use it as of yet--and as
      > you have pointed out, it is very Microsoft centric (Visual Studio).
      > I have been considering building a Requirements Tool to compliment my
      > User Experience Evaluation tool as a plugin to Eclipse, targeting the
      > open-source and Java community.
      > Best!
      > Pete Gordon
      > Users First
      > Columbus, Ohio USA
      > http://www.usersfirst.com <http://www.usersfirst.com>
      >> "The test of the machine is the satisfaction it gives you. There
      >> isn't any other test. If the machines produces tranquillity it's
      >> right. If it disturbs you it's wrong until either the machine or
      >> your mind is changed." -- Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
      > On Dec 7, 2006, at 12:59 PM, Jon Kern wrote:
      >> Question, take 2...
      >> Have any of you worked with/heard of a set of tools for doing
      >> application life cycle software development that you liked? You know,
      >> usual soup-to-nuts quest for something to handle *or* support project
      >> mgt/visibility, release mgt, through to iterative development, testing...
      >> My preference is jira and confluence, etc., it would work, but company
      >> is fearful of it being "too" lightweight :-)
      >> However, we just looked at MKS (completely customizable) and VSTS (of
      >> course very centered around VS). Both would probably do the job,
      >> obviously costs $$$.
      >> I am about to look into Rally this afternoon. Anyone have any insights
      >> into Rallydev's tools? Also $$$.
      >> jon
      >> blog: http://technicaldebt.com <http://technicaldebt.com>
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