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  • Jon Kern
    Nov 6 6:39 AM
      Question, take 2...

      Have any of you worked with/heard of a set of tools for doing
      application life cycle software development that you liked? You know,
      usual soup-to-nuts quest for something to handle *or* support project
      mgt/visibility, release mgt, through to iterative development, testing...

      My preference is jira and confluence, etc., it would work, but company
      is fearful of it being "too" lightweight :-)

      However, we just looked at MKS (completely customizable) and VSTS (of
      course very centered around VS). Both would probably do the job,
      obviously costs $$$.

      I am about to look into Rally this afternoon. Anyone have any insights
      into Rallydev's tools? Also $$$.

      blog: http://technicaldebt.com
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