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2737Re: [agile-usability] Who is using multiple personae for one job role?

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  • Josh Seiden
    Dec 1, 2006
      > > With corporate software, there is an existing
      > > structure that groups people by function,
      > > education, and those introduce a minimal amount
      > > of uniformity (again, I'm not saying that
      > > individual differences don't exist within
      > > a same work unit... Just saying that there
      > > is a bit more uniformity there).

      > Look closely at anything and uniformity disappears.
      > ( http://
      > www.despair.com/individuality.html )

      I do find that I use personas less often in the
      enterprise and more often in the consumer world, but I
      would attribute this to the relative "horizontal-ness"
      of the system under consideration, rather than the
      "enterprise-ness" of system.

      When you have a very vertical application in the
      enterprise context, roles can go a long way and are
      often a good enough model to use--especially when
      combined with feedback from actual users.

      But when the system is more horizontal--a phone system
      perhaps--personas become more useful because the role
      "phone user" doesn't get you very far.

      I agree with Jared that the closer you look, the less
      uniformity you have. Thus "horizontal-ness" is
      something of an artificial distinction. If are
      motivated to look at any vertically-defined role
      closely enough, if you spend enough money and time,
      you can make a vertical role as horizontal as you
      would like.

      So what determines "horizontal-ness?" I would argue
      that (in terms of deciding whether you use personas as
      a design tool) you consider both the intrinsic
      differences of behavior and motivation, but also the
      extrinsic factors: namely the relative value of
      investigating those differences on any given project,
      and the relative motivation of the client to pay for
      that value.

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