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2680[agile-usability] Activity-oriented design

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  • Larry Constantine
    Nov 9, 2006
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      I have just posted (http://foruse.com/publications) four papers of possible
      interest to members of this forum:

      (1) a revised version (improved notation, better explanation) of my paper on
      activity modeling reflecting extensive feedback and use by early adopters;
      (2) a copy of my skeptical chapter on users, roles, and personas from the
      new Pruitt and Aldin book on the persona lifecycle;
      (3) my keynote on interaction design for supporting trusted interaction from
      CAiSE'06 in Luxembourg this June;
      (4) inspired by Don Norman's support, a version of my earlier critique of
      user-centered design.

      For those of you interested in getting a hands-on introduction to activity
      modeling, on 21 January I will be giving a 1-day "crash course" with an
      agile focus incorporating the new activity-oriented extensions to
      usage-centered design
      (http://www.uie.com/events/web_app_summit/2007/tutorials/#constantine) at
      UIE's Web App Summit in Monterey, CA

      If you use the promotional code "CONSTANTINE" you get a $30/day discount on
      registration; sign up for the whole conference and also get a custom iPod

      --Larry Constantine, IDSA, ACM Distinguished Engineer
        Director, Laboratory for Usage-centered Software Engineering (Lab-USE)
        Professor, Department of Mathematics & Engineering
        University of Madeira, Funchal, Portugal
        Chief Scientist, Constantine & Lockwood, Ltd. 
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