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2199RE: [agile-usability] Personaes and Scenarios vs User Roles and User Tasks

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  • Desilets, Alain
    Jul 14, 2006
      At the XP Ottawa meeting, Robert Biddle pointed out that personaes and scenarios may be more useful in consumer electronics whereas User Roles may be more useful for corporate in-house types of software.  
      I find this statement very interesting. Does anyone know if this has been said before? If this a common view? If this is new I would like to quote Robert Biddle and as such I would really appreciate it Alain if you can provide more details about him; e.g. company name, position within the organisaiton and details of the Ottawa meeting such as date, name of the conference if it was a conference etc. 
      -- Alain:
      I don't know if this has been said before, but I have also heard Jeff Patton express a similar idea when we were co-presenting at the Montreal Agile users group. He got into a discussion with someone in the audience about Personnaes vs User Roles which got resolved when they both recognized that the person in the audience was working mostly in a consumer electronics context.
      Robert's line of argumentation made a lot of sense, but for some reason I can't recall the details anymore. Robert, can you comment?
      BTW: Robert is a professor at Carleton University. He's done lots of work on the customer role in Agile. Very smart guy. XP Ottawa is the Ottawa XP users group. We have highly informal meetings once a month.
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