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2172Re: [agile-usability] Personaes and Scenarios vs User Roles and User Tasks

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  • Andrea Pilati
    Jul 11, 2006
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      my two cents...from the perspective of analyzing a financial web site that covers many many personas, plus being the requirements person who is bound by IT constraints (that continuum > boo hiss > denial > anger > acceptance > collaboration).

      we developed a matrix (i know, over-used) that allows us to identify specific tasks that we'd "enact" on our personas, in order to satisfy a business objective. Prioritizing those actions with those users that got them to the ultimate experience were the tasks that we are planning on prioritizing first. Where's the biggest bang for the buck?

      If you follow the span plan, then the most highly valuable experiences would get priority. But, I get it. Is Martha more "valuable"? Maybe. Maybe not. To who?

      Is there some kind of way to create parallel tracks, so that one team focuses on one persona, and another the 2nd one? Given, there must be a lot of integrating - constant communication - so that what (the function) is developed in one team can be re-purposed in another, with a different focus? Thus creating common objects, and when personas move (if they do) from one persona/usage to another the transition is seamless?


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